Cannon Mania

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  1. Skippy says:

    What is the name of the thing under the trigger that you bring down with your hand to reload. There is a?
    picture in the following website that shows what i’m talking about. Do they still make riffles with those things on them?

  2. Alec the Dalek says:

    What things should I look for when I’m buying a univeral flux-capacitor/death laser-cannon/ion disruptor?
    Daffy Davros’ Destructo-Mania sale is offering me a slightly used model for $4,000 quantloos and a free set of tupperware….I dunno…

    • Chiliman, Baconologist says:

      Dalek, I feel offended… You shoulda come to me first… I just so happen to have all three of those things lying about my workshop. Daffy is a cheapskate… I bought a tachyon emiiter array there, and emitted such a weak beam, I was only able to cause a blip in the time-space continuim, not the full blown tear….

      And NEVER trust a guy who sales Tupperware with his Doomsday devices… Ever….

  3. bbush says:

    Read the sentences aloud quickly to decipher these adages?

    • michele says:

      1. Mind your p’s and q’s

      2. No man is an island

      3. Opposites attract

      4. To the victor belongs the spoils

      5. Many truths are spoken in jest

      ~Dr. B.~

  4. Sushi says:

    camera mania!?
    okkay i would love a professional camera

    but im contemplating which is better- im really lookign for a Digital SLR- mostly between cannon and H9 (sony)? please include why too, thanks bunches everyone! :)

    • anthony h says:

      Sheesh. I am not a camera snob. SLRs are not the only option for professional shooters.

      Nor is a professional camera defined by how much it costs or even what kinds of features it offers. A professional camera is defined by whether or not a person can use the camera as a tool to make money. Thus, there are plenty of professionals using Canon Digital Rebels, Nikon D70′s, Olympuses and Pentaxes and not just the super-expensive D2 series camera or EOS 1D series cameras.

      With that said, the Sony H9 is not in the same league of camera as a regular digital SLR. For one thing, you can’t change the lenses on a Sony H9, which means you’re stuck with whatever lens Sony has built onto the camera. Sony’s SLR is called the Alpha, and that’s what you should be comparing to the Canon SLR.

      At the entry-level SLR market, you’re looking at Pentax, Olympus, Nikon, and Canon. Expect to spend about $750 to $800 for a camera and lens combination.

      Advantages for an SLR–
      better viewfinder
      ability to change lenses
      bigger sensor
      control over exposure, focus, flash, etc.

      Features not on SLR:
      can’t do video
      generally, no “live view” mode (i.e. can’t look at a screen to compose, must look through viewfinder).

      However, these missing features simply reinforce that SLRs are specialized, high quality cameras, not all-in-one devices.

      And don’t get put off by people telling you to get a $5,000 camera to get a “pro” camera. That’s just one viewpoint. It’s not necessary to spend that kind of money on a camera body to get professional quality results. In fact, spending money on a good camera class is better than wasting money on a super camera you don’t know how to use properly, so save some bucks for classes on photography.

  5. Seeker Of Painful Truths says:

    SHould you commit suicide if your are Bipolar or have “Mania”?
    From what I’ve read, it seems that your quality of life is dramatically lessened if you are bipolar or have Mania. The most important parts of your life being ruined is:

    - It can ruin your career, your reputation, your marriage, could become homeless, etc.

    - It’s expensive to have treatment for it which you can’t get without a job to pay for it.

    - Medicine has extreme side effects so either way your quality of life is lessened.

    When you find out you are bipolar, whats the point of living? Your basically born with an uncontrollable, unstable brain. Your a time bomb, a loose cannon, a nutjob, and med’s will calm it down but leave you ruined in a different way. You can’t reach the highest potential of your abilities in the world, with your career, etc, so why live?

    That interesting because I’m actually an artist. And I’m worried if I am Bipolar because that could destroy my career. :) ! – That was a very selfish response. Don’t try to oppress me for trying to learn how to deal with possible Bipolar condition. This question wasn’t a personal attack on you. I don’t even know you. Chill out.
    Neely O’Hara – No need to resent this question. I am a human being too, with very real questions, and this is one of them. The reason I asked this question, is because I feel like my life has been cheated! I see people who have it so easy, no mental illnesses, raised by great families, very educated, full of charisma, easy to make tons of allies, and I have none of that. I only have a fine tuned craft for my career, and lots of valuable knowlegde, but thats it. I always felt I was equal to everyone else, and that if this or that person can achieve a goal, then so can I. Now I feel like I can’t really achieve any of my big goals that I see others in my profession do with ease. And all because I may be Bipolar. It makes me mad, like, how dare I be born with a condition that doesn’t allow me to fully do the tthings I set myself to learn to do. I feel like, if I can’t achieve, make money, and survive, that makes me question the point of it all.
    Neely O’Hara – The way your reacting to my question, sounds as if you think I’m someone who knows he isn’t Bipolar, trying to pick on people who are Bipoar. Let me make very clearly that I think that I may be Bipolar, and this is why i;m asking the question. Maybe you have never asked that question before when you found out you were Bipolar, but this is how I feel about it when I discovered I may have it. Because it’s effecting my life. I came on here for answers, and you and a few people here having giving me some great answers. But it dissapoints me that your adding in your question how offended you are of me even asking it, telling you all how I feel so I can get answers. I’m not good at sugar coating what I feel because usually the facts get lots on all the sugar coating.
    Meant to say, usually the facts get “lost” when I sugar coat what I feel.

    • Neely O'Hara says:

      Thanks very much (I have bipolar).

      I don’t believe that there is ever anyone in a position where they SHOULD commit suicide. There are many positions in which one feels like one should, but it is never a necessity.

      Bipolar disorder can ruin many aspects of your life, certainly. But medication can and does help many people. The cost of treatment makes me immensely glad that I live in the UK, where all I have to pay is a small prescription charge. And yes, medication has side effects, but the truth is that without medication, many people with bipolar disorder would be dead or sectioned – and with it, a large number of people with bipolar disorder can live normal or close to normal lives. It’s always a balancing act, with any illness, balancing the difficulties of living with the illness with the difficulties of living with the medication, but in many cases the pay-off is huge.

      I may not be able to reach my highest potential, although I take comfort in thinking of those with bipolar disorder who have achieved highly (the wonderful Stephen Fry, to pluck one example from many).

      Of course, for every person with bipolar who overachieve in their life, there are many struggling to live at all. But that does not mean they SHOULD commit suicide – even if I don’t reach my highest potential, there is still some good I can do for the world, still some good I can experience in my life. Even if it’s not the best I can do, it’s still something.

      Bipolar disorder is a difficult thing to live with. As we speak, I am struggling, with so much of my mind filled with the idea of how much I want to die. But there is no ‘should’ or ‘must’ about it.

      I’m sorry, I don’t know what made you ask this question, but I do resent it a little. I am a human being, just like everyone else, and my biggest right is that to life.

      Asking this question makes people feel even more hopeless. If you get depressed, the last thing you need to be told is that you should die, that you’ll never achieve anything, that there’s no hope – we already have our minds telling us that, do you really think we need to hear it from other people too?

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